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Behold – the intellectual discourse of the AU Law school

August 19th, 2009 · 7 Comments · American U

From our submitter: all of these quotes were overheard while I was sitting in the cafeteria at AU law school listening to some girls have a conversation over lunch… I couldn’t tell if they were law students or not – they didn’t have books or anything with them, but why else would they be hanging out in the law school during the summer? I think they work in one of the offices, hopefully just doing administrative things.. their conversation went on for a long time, but these are the real gems:
girl #1: “i hear alaskan cruises are really nice, but i would never go on one. what if we hit an iceberg?? plus, the water is probably really cold. I’m afraid of whales.. i mean, i don’t walk around in daily life being afraid of them but if i was in a lifeboat in Alaska…”
girl #2: “oh whales are scary.. what’s that story, Jonas and the whale? Joseph? and like, dolphins! they think they’re just playing, but they spear you in the stomach and then you die”"

“okay so like, titanic? in hindsight, wouldn’t it have been better for them to just climb onto the iceberg?”

“part of the problem is that when the boat starts to sink, everybody goes crazy, and that’s why I’d bring my own inflatable rowboat, or like an inner tube or something, so i could just say peace out and get the hell outta there”

girl #1: “i decided a long time ago that if i ever went swimming in the ocean, I’d strap a knife to my ankle so i could defend myself against the sea life”

girl #2: “ooh thats a good idea… except, you should be careful, because you would probably cut off your other foot”

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  • thompsty

    whats so bad about this? it's a great convo!

  • Anonymous

    Seriously… I think a few of my brain cells just died.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes humanity makes me cheer. Sometimes humanity makes me weep.

    Right now, I'm crying like a baby. :-(

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes humanity makes me cheer. Sometimes humanity makes me weep.

    Right now, I'm crying like a baby. :-(

  • Nicky Weiss

    That was great

  • phtogrfer007

    I go to AU as an undergrad (and have been on an Alaskan cruise…). I really really hope they just might be local high schoolers, or someone's kids. But then again, they have been admitting some questionable people lately.

  • NewinNov

    Oh wow. And now we know why they created the Senate to balance the House.

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